STEAM Integration


Johnson STEAM Academy integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics throughout everyday learning.  Johnson has a long standing tradition of providing art infused instruction, as well as, music lessons and after school enrichments in the arts.  When we transitioned to a magnet school, we did not want to lose our arts focus.  So, we decided to become a STEAM magnet school rather than a STEM magnet.   There are many ways students engage in STEAM at JSA. 

  • The design process is used throughout K-5 to show students how to learn, design, make changes, adapt, present, share, and think critically about their learning. 
  • PBL or project based learning is used K-5 to give students access to hands-on learning experiences in all academic areas. 
  • Discovery Days are offered 5-6 days a year. Students choose from a list of STEAM  focused activities and learn with students in a multiage approach for the day.  Learners usually have the opportunity to work with K-2, 3-5, and the occasional K-5 classroom group for the day.  Topics have included t-shirt design, sewing, comic creations, world travel, coding, technology, newspaper and photography, story writing and book binding, strawberry DNA, science of snow, field trips to local  learning opportunities.  
  • The JSA STEAM closet has a variety of STEAM resources that teachers use throughout the year to enhance student learning and allow students to utilize materials otherwise not accessible during traditional lessons.  The STEAM closet includes numerous opportunities to reuse and repurpose materials. 
  • Learning celebrations are held with students and families every year.  The learning celebration incorporates music, drama, science/social studies, PBL, and other integrated learning around a specific theme.  These celebrations showcase student art, music, performance, and academic connections usually focused around science or social studies.   Parents and loved ones are invited to watch the performance and join the students in their classroom to share more learning. 
  • At Johnson STEAM academy we utilize a pod structure, which allows for cross graded students to be together in the same learning environment and meet individual needs.  This allows students to be challenged and enriched as needed throughout their academic experience at JSA. 
  • Science and Social Studies are often infused in reading and writing through the use of interactive read alouds, discussions, writing, research and technology to enhance the overall learning of skills and topics.  You will also see many of the topics expanded on throughout the years with connections being made around the school. 
  • ST Math is an online math program used in all K-5 classrooms to help students with their spatial temporal learning and critical thinking skills in math. 
  • Virtual and in-person field trip experiences highlight STEAM and allow students the opportunity to go out into the community for learning. 

Johnson STEAM Academy is a wonderful place to learn.  It is diverse, full of energy, happiness, and unending support.  When people visit JSA they often say they have never been in a place that feels so much like home.  We are proud to be part of the JSA family.