Jaguar Trap with Tiny Circus

TINY CIRCUS LOGOTiny Circus Artist and Author Visits Exhibition 

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church members have been donating time (reading with students) and books to JSA through its “Change a Child’s Story” since the fall of 2016. In December of 2016, the St. Paul’s UMC member’s generously donated their Christmas Eve offering to JSA. This particular financial donation exceeded our expectations and allowed us to bring in two Iowa authors to JSA, give each family a signed copy of the authors’ books, and spend a week collaboratively producing a fictional stop-motion animation movie with the Tiny Circus.

This donation allows us to bring literacy alive for all JSA students. After hearing how Michelle Edwards wrote and illustrated her books, students will collaboratively produce a stop-motion animation video with Tiny Circus during the week of March 27-31. All students participated in the brainstorming process of creating a storyboard including characters and a trap to catch the main character, a (Johnson) jaguar. From there, author Jill Esbaum will spend a day with us in April talking about writing nonfiction books about animals.

Tiny Circus - The History of Jaguar Trap

Tiny Circus - Jaguar Trap