We put the "A" in STEAM!

Each specialized arts and academic field collaborate for integrated projects, making essential connections for students and staff across curriculum subject areas. 
Infusion is an approach to curriculum development that includes instruction, assessment and building student competencies through the use of an integrated curriculum. 
A working knowledge of each arts discipline, along with the other academic disciplines, enables students to make connections within and among all the student’s subjects. 

THE ARTS are important to our knowing, constructing knowledge, and understanding the world. Art activities enhance student learning and help students acquire basic developmental skills.

An increase in student achievement is noted especially where arts infused teaching methods are part of a school’s daily curriculum. Through a study of the arts, students learn higher order thinking skills: critical thinking, analyzing, and decision-making. The arts are motivating, engaging and they assist students in learning appropriate and positive and social/emotional skills!

Visual Arts


The Art Studio at JSA is a place where students are invited to share and explore ideas.  Our curriculum is based on the National Art Standards but also incorporates elements of math, literacy, science, social studies and engineering standards.  Students often bring in what they are learning in their classroom into the art room.  



We use the Design Process to approach any project and work through the same steps that an artist, scientist, inventor, or engineer might use.  We are currently moving to a TAB (Teaching Artistic Behaviors) model for the art room.  Students will have support and choice as theyexplore different materials, subject matter and questions.  They will be able to work independently, with a partner or in small groups.  



music class

The JSA music studio is alive with wonderful sounds. Minds and bodies are actively engaged in innovative, imaginative, and collaborative music making.  All JSA Kindergarten through 5th grade students participate in a wide range of STEAM-integrated weekly musical experiences that include the National Arts Standards of creating, performing, responding and connecting with other subjects & settings.  Students explore the world through moving, singing, playing instruments, listening, composing and analyzing as they further develop important 21st Century skills, such as cooperation and responsibility. 

“I love music because it can take you many places…just like a good book!  We can be transported back in time, to a different country or even an imaginary place- just by experiencing a certain musical work. Music is the language of the world!” ----Ms. Summers, JSA Music & Curriculum Integration Specialist


Physical Education

bowlingA place to: Learn to move and move to learn. JSA believes every child deserves quality physical education. Students will develop skills and knowledge to be active and lead healthy lives.

There are many positive outcomes we expect from physical education and movement. Kids will learn to respect themselves, others and the gym equipment. They will develop fitness skills and learn and understand health components.

Kids also will learn to use cognitive and physical skills to create and problem solve.
Most importantly, children will learn to use and enjoy physical activity outside the classroom.