Design Process PosterAcademic achievement for all Johnson students is the prime focus of our teachers and staff.

Along with the basics: reading, writing, and arithmetic, students learn higher order skills such as: decision-making, thinking critically ,and analyzing information. When appropriate, technology is used to both encourage and facilitate academic growth.

As a STEAM magnet school we also focus student learning to the engineering design process.

We believe that all students can succeed and achieve, if not surpass, the Cedar Rapids Community Schools’ Elementary Student Learning Expectations.

At Johnson, we also understand that each student has different abilities and needs. So each student's academic growth is assessed throughout the year, using a variety of measurement techniques. Extended learning opportunities are created for students who either need additional challenges or additional help in different subject areas. As well our teaching staff takes special care to assure our children's social and emotional needs are met.

Our full K-5 curriculum overview

Want to know more about how we use ST Math?  Watch this video and hear for yourself.